Frequently Asked Questions

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When will I receive my painting?

The turnaround time is influenced by four factors:
1.) Your choice of service; regular service or express service
2.) Your choice of shipping; standard or express shipping
3.) The medium of your painting
4.) The size of your painting

The following turnaround is from the day you place your order to the day you receive it at your door.



Medium Size Portraits

(Oil & Acrylic)
(20x25cm - 50x60cm)

Regular service: 22 days

Express servicet: 16 days

Big Size Portraits

(Oil & Acrylic)
(60x75cm - 120x180cm)

Regular service: 25 days

Express service: 19 days

Charcoal, Pencil, Watercolor, Pastel and Orders with Video Service

Regular service: 26 days

Express service:

* Express service means that we start working on your order immediately. You can choose it when you are at the shopping cart page. This service costs an additional 15%
What is express service?

Our express service allows you to move your order to the front of the Paint Hut queue and improve your turnaround time for a 15% service charge. For the exact turnaround, please check here.

Do you offer express shipping?

Yes, we do for most sizes! Express Shipping will reduce the shipping time by a few days. You can choose this service and see the exact shipping time-frames right after approving your painting. The price of Express Shipping varies from $9 – $59 (depending on the choice of framing and size of the painting).

How long does it take for modifications to be made to my painting?

Modification of artwork can take anywhere between 1 to 3 days depending on the complexity of your request(s).

Do you ship to APO, FPO, or PO Boxes?

Unfortunately, due to the size of our products we are not able to ship artwork to APO, FPO, or PO Boxes.

Do you ship globally?

Yes, we do! We ship to any destination, worldwide.

How do you protect my shipment?

The safety of your artwork is super important to us! Our shipping team will make sure that your order is safely wrapped in multiple protective layers, hard-shelled in a protective shipping box, and marked “fragile.”

How much does a painting cost?

Our paintings vary in cost depending on the size and the number of subjects in the painting.
The most delicate part of each painting is capturing the faces of each subject. These detailed features take time and skill to execute. For this reason, we need to know the number of subjects in the painting, so we can determine the complexity of the painting, and price it accordingly.
For more information about pricing, visit our price page .

When do I pay for my artwork?

You will be asked to pay a 20% downpayment while placing your order. The remaining balance of 80% will be charged only after you approve the final draft of your painting.

Do you charge extra for modifications?

Nope! We offer unlimited modifications, free of charge.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all types of Debit and Credit cards through PayPal.

Can I use 2 different cards/payment options?

Yes! You can use different payment methods for your 20% downpayment and your 80% final payment. However, please note that we can only accept a single payment method for your final payment (80% of the purchase cost).

Can I buy a Gift Card?

Absolutely! This is a popular gift idea, especially if you’re running short on time! Your gift card recipient will receive a beautifully designed email with a unique coupon code.

Order a Gift Card

How does photo editing work?

Our graphic designers are fully equipped to make just about any digital enhancement to your photos that you’d like. We can enhance colors, merge several images into a single composition, cut out any unnecessary imagery in the background, and so much more! Just about any request is possible with our outstanding editing team.
*Please note that our artists will only begin working on your artwork AFTER you’ve approved the digital photo mockup. This process allows you to make sure that your vision is fully understood and implemented before moving forward to painting.

Can you combine multiple photos into a single portrait?

Yes, we can! You can upload (or email) several photographs and we can combine subjects from each photo into a single artwork. Simply give us detailed instructions when placing your order, by using the comment box.

What if my photo is damaged or not of the highest quality?

Our artist will edit or draft according to the photos you provide in advance and confirm with you. Start working until confirmed.

Can you restore old photos or colorize black & white photos?

If a photo requires restoration, we will do so automatically, before starting your order. If you would like to colorize a black & white photo, just mention it in the comment box during your order process.

*Please note: any details that you can share will help our editors to colorize your photo correctly (for example: “The hair should be blond and the eyes should be blue”). We will send you the colorized photo for approval before continuing. We provide this service at no extra cost to you.

Can I make any special request for the photo editing?

During your order process, you will find a comment box, where you have the opportunity to make any and all requests for the digital enhancement of your photo. Our graphic designers can perform “magic” and make just about any photo-edit that you’d like. We can adjust colors, merge several images into a single composition, change the background, add or eliminate figures and objects, and much more! Just about any request is possible with our outstanding editing team. All, at no extra cost to you.

Can I order a custom size?

Absolutely!  You can leave a comment on the order or contact us to communicate

*Please note that your custom size can’t be smaller than 8×10 inches or bigger than 48×72 inches.

What is the cost of custom sizes?

We will calculate according to the similar standard size, please consult Live Chat  for details

What framing options do you offer?

We offer two standard options:
1.) Rolled – your artwork will be shipped rolled in an art tube.
2.) Framed – your artwork will be delivered framed and ready to hang.

How do I apply a coupon code?

You can apply your coupon code on the shopping cart page while placing your order.

Cannot upload your photo?

No worries, we’ve got you covered! If your photo is too “heavy” or is of a format that our website doesn’t accept, you can continue placing your order and send it as an attachment directly to [email protected] Our team will upload the photo to your order for you.

Why are the number of subjects limited for some sizes?

We want to ensure that you receive the highest-quality painting possible. In order to paint faces, our artists need at least 3×3 inches of canvas/paper to work with. Adding multiple subjects to smaller size canvases limits the room for the artist to clearly display facial details or background elements.

Why aren’t smaller sizes available?

We want to ensure that you receive the highest-quality painting possible. For faces, our artists need at least 2×3 inches on the canvas/paper to achieve the best level of detail you’ll be happy with. An artwork with a canvas/paper smaller than 8×10 inches will give no room to our artists to display clear facial details or background elements.

Can I choose the background for my painting?

Yes, you can! And at no extra cost to you 😉 When placing your order, you’ll have the opportunity to let us know about any changes you wish to have made to your photo including the background.

How can I log in?

To log in, please follow this link

Can I talk to the artist?

While you cannot talk directly to artists, they will receive all of your input, feedback, and modification requests via our online customer service team and our studio managers..

Will I be able to preview my portrait before receiving it?

Absolutely! You will receive a photo of the artwork as soon as our artist will finish painting. We will ask you for a final approval before shipping your order out.

Do you show all artwork on your online galleries?

No, we only display artwork in our gallery if we have received approval from our customers.

Is my private information protected?

Yes, it is. All the information gathered through our secure server is used solely to process your order. We will never sell or share your private information with any 3rd party.

What is your refund policy?

We guarantee 100% satisfaction with the final result or a full refund.

Click here to review our return policy.

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